The new online POS for integrated business management!


A new POS (Point of Sale) system has just hit the market that promises to put an end to the need to have several software applications to manage a business in the restaurant or retail sector. 

The new POS app from Jasmin, a cloud management software that PRIMAVERA has signed up for and that currently helps around 20 thousand entrepreneurs manage their business, emerges as an integrated answer for these sectors.

From now on, restaurant and retail business managers also have at their disposal a global solution for business management, which allows them to manage everything in a single place, whether it's dealing with all invoicing and counter sales processes, or managing purchases, suppliers, inventory and warehouses, or even managing several physical and online stores in an integrated way, or even making payments and controlling the treasury, or even consulting results forecast reports, very useful to support decision making.

Always billing, even without internet

One of the many factors that make this POS different from others on the market is that it works both online and offline. Surely it has happened to you that you are in a store or restaurant and have problems paying because the system was down.

With this POS app, when using Jasmin, this will not be a problem, because the system keeps working, and when the internet comes back, the data will be synchronized - all quietly, without the customer noticing, and without any problem in the coherence of the information.

Over the counter and online sales, all integrated

The post-covid world is a different one! Restaurants are now offering home delivery and takeaway services, and stores are now selling online. And it is not expected that this will return to the old normality. The convenience of online shopping or home delivery is here to stay.

Consumers have become fans of this kind of service and merchants have a new world of opportunities here, which this new solution helps to take advantage of. In the same system, you can manage items and prices and bill the sales of physical stores and online stores, all in the same back office so that no time is wasted and the data is integrated to simplify management. 

Real-time tracking of multiple spaces

Today we want to know everything, at the exact moment things are happening. True, we are not omnipresent yet, but technology helps us get close.

With this cloud management system, you can track your results all the time and anywhere. All you need is internet access! Imagine you have two stores or two restaurant and cafeteria spaces. If you can't be in both places at the same time, you can easily, on your cell phone, see in real-time the invoicing results, the stocks, the treasury balance, or other relevant data.

You can even extract the SAF-T to the accountant at a convenient time or, better yet, give your accountant access to the solution and he can extract all the information he needs without adding more work.

A new form of efficiency-oriented management

By making this global solution available to managers in the Retail and Restaurant sectors, PRIMAVERA is pulling in entrepreneurs and promoters of small and medium-sized businesses, giving them management tools that help them become true managers, oriented towards results.

In the cloud management solution Jasmin, you will find everything you need to lay the foundations of a business with a future:

  • A POS (point of sale) app that works online and offline
  • An efficient management of orders, rooms, and tables
  • An intuitive and centralized handling of articles and prices
  • A simple, fast, and intuitive cash management
  • A rigorous control of purchases, stock, and suppliers
  • An integrated management of counter sales and online sales
  • An integrated control of several spaces simultaneously
  • A set of management indicators to support the decision

Get to know in detail Jasmin, cloud management software, and create now the basis for a business with future.