What is the HORECA Channel?

The HORECA channel is the economic activity area where the Hotel, Restaurant, Cafeteria and Catering sectors operate.

Currently, the channel corresponds to about 8% of the portuguese national GDP, and much of this value is derived from its fundamental participation in tourism activity in Portugal.

As tourism is the largest exporting economic activity in Portugal, with about 51.5% of service exports and 18.6% of total exports (data from Jornal Económico, referring to 2018), it is important to meet the needs of the sector with quality products and services.

Our mission

HORECA Magazine's mission is to establish a link between suppliers of the HORECA channel (hotel, restaurant, cafeteria and catering sectors) and companies that work directly with the final consumer. Thus, we intend to give greater visibility, especially to small and medium enterprises that want to make themselves known to the market.

Our vision

We intend to create an online reference platform that allows supplier companies to be easily found and known by the HORECA channel.